Why kiln dried logs

Firstly a wet/green log wont burn well, where a kiln dried log is kiln dried to a moisture content of 20% or less, there should be no bugs, mould, just super clean dry wood. The process of kiln drying is introducing heat to the logs, the logs dry outside to inside, the heat effects the water evaporation, water effects the burning process, less moisture the better the burning process.

Benefits Of Using Kiln Dried Logs

Longer lasting heat output, light weight dry logs OAK – KILN DRIED is excellent, burning slowly with a good heat, ash hardwood logs and beech logs are also quality firewood to buy, with a warm wood aroma whilst sitting around the fire.
Wood is a renewable heat energy source which is better for our environment than using fossil fuels.
Cleaner chimney flues, less tar, less smoke, cleaner glass on wood burning stoves

What about storing your logs? Should I buy nets of logs? Or a pallet of logs? Which size crate of logs? A lot of these questions are relevant to space. NETS of LOGS are easier to handle, and are available in different quantities.
For our customers who have more space we can deliver a 1.m3 bulk bag.